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Video Surveillance & Conferencing Solutions

In today's world security has become a key area to address for many reasons. There are many types of options to consider for the security and well being of your business, customers, and employees.


Some of these types of security solutions are:

  • Surveillance CCTV systems

  • Intercom (audio and video) systems

  • CATV and Audio/Visual systems


A lot of the Traditional security companies don't always understand IT technologies and the impact of deploying IP based systems into an infrastructure that is not designed for it. This can be a costly expense to your business - make sure your system(s) are installed right the first time..


Whether you need to add an indoor camera to your existing analog system or want an integrated IP based surveillance and card access system, There are many things to consider, design of a cost effective, efficient system, best application for your business, monitoring solutions if needed, and any ongoing costs that could be incurred.


Why a Digital Security Surveillance System for Your Business?


Digital security surveillance system technology from Agile Networks allows for fast, simple access to digitally recorded events without the time consuming task of fast forwarding and rewinding tape to find a particular incident.


CCTV surveillance systems make it more efficient than ever before to help protect your business from theft and vandalism! With fewer moving parts than VCRs, the Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) associated with digital security surveillance systems from Agile Networks typically have reduced maintenance costs and can last significantly longer than a VCR.

With digital surveillance systems, recorded events are stored on an encrypted, Linux-based hard drive that is resistant to computer viruses and hackers. This significant technological advancement allows for the elimination of costly VCR tapes that provide reduced clarity and limited longevity.

The benefits of digital security surveillance system technology include:

  • Helps deter shoplifting as well as employee theft

  • Can continuously document events so your entire business has greater security protection

  • Fast and easy access to recorded events

  • May reduce maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity

  • May help lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims

Options with CCTV security surveillance systems from Agile Networks include the ability to burn recorded events, customize recording schedules for each security camera, motion-triggered event and pre-event recording as well as remote access capabilities. Many expandable system configuration options are available and can be customized to meet your specific budget and business security system needs.


Video Conferencing Systems


Tired of traveling out of the area for short meetings? Costly travel and lodging hurting your bottom line? Need to collaborate with partners in another city? Video conferencing is the solution. Agile Networks can tailor a video conferencing solution to meet your needs. Whether for board or staff meetings, continuing medical education or telemedicine, Agile Networks can show you which video conferencing solution is right for you.

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