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Penetration Testing Services

What is Penetration Testing?

Everyone has heard about businesses being hacked. You might think that your information systems are secure but how do you really know? Hackers sneak into the places that security experts expect the least. That's because they know to look for the weakest spots in your information systems, especially the ones where security is not a top priority. This could be a minor oversight or simple negligence.

Since there are so many unknown factors in creating a secure system, penetration testing like that offered by Agile Networks will find the holes in your security. 

Using proprietary software and AI (artificial intelligence), we will search for every tiny crack and weakness in your information systems. Afterwards we will create a custom, multistep plan to fill the security gaps and prevent a hacker from breaching your systems.


If your business has never professionally tested your information security or has been hacked in the past, it is highly recommended that you perform penetration testing as soon as is feasible. For the simple reason that it's just a matter of time before any business that has any value will be hacked. And although a business might feel that their systems are secure, you cannot be 100% certain until a professional penetration test is done by a skilled team like that at Agile Networks.

How does Penetration Testing work?

We use a step by step process to systematically scan your information systems using our unique and proven validation techniques to identify and secure vulnerability flaws. Our Vulnerability Assessments will locate the weaknesses in your systems. Once we've run the scan multiple times using different variables we'll move on to the Penetration Testing.

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Our proprietary Penetration Testing is a process where we analyze and locate the vulnerabilities which can be maliciously exploited to gain access to your seemingly secured systems. We use automated tools and manual expert skills to test for the gaps in your information security. 

By using the results from the Vulnerability Assessment we can prioritize your system's vulnerabilities by segregating the flaws based on the highest chance of penetration. Thus, we can measure the level of impact a particular malicious attack would have on your systems from the lowest level to the highest.

By combining the Vulnerability Assessment and the Penetration Testing (VAPT), meaning using the two processes to compliment one another, we can first locate the flaws in the system and then measure the vulnerability level and factors resulting from those specific flaws.

VAPT categorizes the level of threat for all possible attacks and raises the security alarms before these flaws can be exploited by an attack.

These are some of the testing methods we use:

External Testing

External penetration testing is a method which targets security gaps in any system that is accessible on the Internet. This would mean a company's website, emails, domain servers and any web applications. Hackers seek out these vulnerabilities because of the valuable data contained in these assets.

Internal Testing

Internal testing imitates an attack that starts already within the secure environment of the firewall. When we use this type of testing we are acting like an authorized user with all of the regular access privileges. This might be an irritated employee maliciously trying to harm your systems from the inside or a hacker that acquired the access privileges from a part of your system that is accessible from outside the firewall. We assess how much damage a user with access can cause your information systems.

Blind Testing

Blind testing is when we imitate the actions of an attacker with minimal information, such as only using the publicly available information of a company. We test to see how much reconnaissance an attacker would need to do before breaking into your system.

Double-blind Testing

In double-blind testing, there's no warning of when the attack will come. This simulates a true attack without the IT security team in your company knowing when it will occur.

Targeted Testing

In a targeted testing scenario everyone is aware of the test happening and watch together as it occurs. This is when the IT team at your company and our Penetration Testing Team work together.  This is referred to as the lights-turned-on approach.

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