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NEC Contact Center Solutions


NEC SV9100 Contact Center Suite

Designed specifically to work on NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100, the embedded Contact Center’s unique integration is the result of a voice processing system merging with a communications system. It helps improve customer service and agent productivity by intelligently routing calls based upon criteria you provide, such as the inbound line on which a call is received, the line that has the longest idle or the time of day the call is received.


Business ConneCT For SV9300

UNIVERGE Business ConneCT (BCT) is an intuitive suite that will optimize your workforce, improve customer satisfaction levels, increase overall productivity, all while streamlining scalability through added licensing and reducing operator costs. It is a proven solution that enables your employees, operators and agents to communicate more efficiently and effectively.  It includes call control, presence, instant messaging, operator and directory services, as well as a comprehensive contact center.


UC For Enterprise Contact Center

Designed specifically for NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9300/ SV8300 and SV9500 /SV8500 communications platforms, UCE Contact Center offers a full set of unified communication tools as well as rich contact center features. Those features can bring greater productivity to either a large single site or up to 50 sites networked via NEC’s Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling. It supports up to 2000 agents at a single site, and up to 2,500 agents at between 2-50 sites with MultiNode and/or Network ACD .


Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite

NEC’s Workforce Optimization and Recording Suite from dvsAnalytics® has been recognized as having the most compelling return on investment (ROI) in the market. dvsAnalytics Encore® suite includes many quality management applications with basic systems and provides unlimited access with secure login credentials.


With the addition of Encore’s innovative analytics features, intuitive recording libraries and customizable dynamic search playlists, their all-in-one call and screen recording, quality management and automated coaching solution empowers your contact center with actionable sales, marketing and operational intelligence that you can use to improve your business.

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