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Infinity VoIP SIP Solutions

Introducing Infinity VoIP SIP Solutions From Agile Networks

Infinity VoIP from Agile Networks SIP Trunk and PRI Services are VoIP products that are compatible your existing phone system.  We designed these services to be delivered in a variety of connections to increase compatibility.  Customers looking for new phone services and more flexibility than their current vendor is providing are perfect for these solutions. 


In addition to the highest quality available for voice calls over the Internet these services bundle in our "Cloud" redundancy for a Business Continuity solution that ensures you never miss a beat with your customers.  With our Enhanced SIP Trunk solution you will receive Business Continuity during events such as power outages, network and Internet failures, or other critical on site issues.  Using our "Cloud" based auto failover solution you can have your callers directed to a variety of options including: Auto Attendants in the Cloud, Multi Ring Call Forward to Cell Phones, or another Backup Location to receive your incoming calls.

With Infinity VoIP solutions from Agile Networks you will always receive the highest quality of voice calls over the Internet.  We utilize state of the art routers developed for VoIP, a Geo-Redundant Cloud Network for 99.999% uptime reliability, and 24/7 Network Monitoring to ensure Mission Critical Voice applications are handled right.  To keep track of network performance and make real time adjustments to make sure that every call is delivered with the best quality.

All of this is available with your current phone system.  Our expert engineers will configure the services to be compatible with your network and existing PBX equipment.  No additional hardware is needed.  

To meet your system requirements we can provide the following connections:

  • SIP Trunk - Straight VoIP Handoff to your PBX

  • PRI Handoff to your PBX

  • T-1 Handoff to your PBX

  • Regular POTS Lines hand off to your PBX

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