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Infinity VoIP Cloud PBX

Introducing Infinity VoIP Cloud PBX From Agile Networks

As a leading provider of telecommunications, IT Networking solutions and Services, Agile Networks created the Infinity VoIP family of products with the customer in mind.  Designed with such tremendous features that include: Customer Portal with complete programming access, Disaster Recovery, Conference Bridge, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution like the big call centers have), and complete Flexibility.  Using the latest technology with Infinity VoIP we offer our customers the highest QoS (Quality of Service) to provide the best sound and 99.999% reliability with our VoIP Services customers.

Why Is Infinity VoIP Right For You?

Quality - We believe that by delivering the highest quality service to your business. It allows you to focus on what you do best, growing your business and servicing your customers. Our employees and technology make the difference. Our consistent drive to improve across the board is what keeps our customers coming back, referring us to other businesses and fueling our constant growth.

Scalability - Infinity VoIP by Agile Networks is the right solution for any growing business. Due to our Cloud based architecture it's as simple as a phone call and your services can be easily expanded without traditional expensive PBX hardware. Whether your office has 4 or 400 employees or users there is room to grow with Infinity VoIP by Agile Networks. No matter how much you grow with us,  you will always have control over your services and phones via our easy to use Customer Portal.

Business Continuity - With so many benefits to the Infinity VoIP Cloud PBX including complete flexibility. One of the most important benefits to your business is the availability to always be up and running even when you aren't. With our true Cloud architecture and geo-redundant fiber optic network, your services will automatically move to another location until you are back up and running again. If you aren't able to get to the Internet to move your services, call our 24/7 support hotline and we will gladly re-route your calls for you to a variety of programmable options. That will ensure you will always be connected to your customers without any interruption to your business. For those customers with mission critical applications we can work with you to provide redundant connectivity options to ensure maximum uptime with no business interruptions.

Keep Your Numbers - Have you been in business for many years? Have you worked hard to acquire your customers? They know your phone numbers. There's no need to worry. With the Infinity VoIP Agile Networks services, you can easily move your number from any area. The same number that you currently pay extra for remote call forwarding or per call charges can be moved anywhere using Infinity VoIP without any additional fee or surcharges.

Another major advantage of Infinity VoIP services is that when you move your office you will get to keep all of your phone numbers. The Big Old Telephone companies force you to switch numbers even if you move only a block away, but with our advanced technologies and flexibility, you can keep all of your numbers, even the ones from remote offices out of the area no matter where they are in the United States.

Multiple Offices - With today's broadband options our customers are able to increase their efficiency and productivity by seamlessly connecting their offices and employees through our Infinity VoIP Cloud PBX solution. Each office or remote employee will get a high speed broadband Internet connection and we will add a QoS (Quality of Service) router to ensure the best quality of sound when everyone is connected. Manage all of your offices, employees and phone numbers from any Internet connection using your web browser (or even your tablet or cell phone) via our Customer Portal.

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